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Steve Award
The Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy (CSCJTA) is the regional law enforcement academy, which serves 58 law enforcement agencies, jails, and ECC’s from across the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville area. The CSCJTA Foundation is a partner organization which helps the academy fulfill its role in the region. Annually, the foundation takes award nominations for three award categories: Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Jail Officer of the Year, and Communicator of the Year. The CSCJTA Foundation Board, which is comprised of citizens from Rockingham and Augusta County, then votes to select the recipient for each award.

Timberville Master Police Officer Steve Scholten was selected as the 2020 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award. Academy Director Andy McNally came to the Timberville Police Department to hand deliver this prestigious award.

“Officer Scholten is a dedicated law enforcement officer who has withstood extreme duress in the line of duty. But it is not a single event that defines a person. Officer Scholten is dedicated to his community, his profession, and his agency. He is always willing to take on responsibilities, assist others and set an example for hard work and tenacity. I am proud of Officer Scholten’s work for our agency and congratulate him on this award...” Chief J.R. Dodd

Congratulations, Officer Scholten!

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