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Steve I
On June 26, 2019, Officer Steve Scholten was dispatched to an address on Lone Pine Drive for a disorderly conduct call involving an intoxicated male threatening people with a sword and having access to firearms. Upon arrival, a witness advised him that the suspect was still inside the apartment with a male subject who he was holding against his will. Upon approaching the house door, Officer Scholten could hear arguing and decided he needed to make entry to ensure the safety of the second person. The door would not open and so, after notifying the emergency communication center, he kicked the door in and made entry to the residence, allowing the second person to get away from the suspect and leave the apartment. During the ensuing altercation with the suspect, Officer Scholten received serious injuries, yet remained calm, relaying information through the radio and directing the actions of the other first responders as they arrived on scene.

Therefore, based on his resolute decision making, decisive action and courage in the face of danger, Officer Steve is hereby awarded the Timberville Police Department Medal of Honor. Also, due to the injuries sustained during this incident, Officer Scholten is hereby awarded the Timberville Police Department Purple Heart.

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