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The Town of Timberville has issued a Voluntary Water Conservation Alert based on a Drought Warning Advisory from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Even though the town’s water sources aren’t in emergency status, we want to take measures to proactively address the current conditions affecting the town and surrounding Shenandoah Valley.  All users of the Town of Timberville’s municipal water system are requested to observe voluntary water conservation efforts to help ensure an adequate water supply for everyone.

Voluntary conservation measures include:

  • Reducing watering of gardens and lawns to only when needed; watering should only occur between late evening and early morning hours
  • Limit washing automobiles, recreational vehicles or other equipment and then only from late evening to early morning hours
  • Use a broom to sweep off sidewalks or driveways instead of washing them off
  • Only operate dishwashers and clothes washing machines once they are full
  • Take short showers instead of baths
  • Don’t let the water run the entire time while washing hands, brushing teeth, or shaving
  • Reduce the use of garbage disposals
  • Limit the filling of swimming pools except to top off to maintain the appropriate level for use; pool covers should be used to reduce evaporation of water
  • Stop using ornamental fountains
  • Only serve water in restaurants if requested by the customer
  • Reduce all non-essential water usage

Thank you for your assistance in conserving our water resources during this drought period. Your efforts will help avoid an emergency situation.  Please continue to follow the Town of Timberville’s website and social media outlets for updates and future reports on water conservation efforts.

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