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The Timberville Dog Park is officially complete!

With a $10,000 donation from Pilgrim’s Pride, we were able to add a new amenity for residents and their furry friends.

We spoke to Graham with Pilgrim’s, and he said part of the values and missions of Pilgrim’s Pride is to give back to the communities where they reside in. By donating to the Town to improve the parks, it gives both their team members and the local community a safe and good place to visit. Part of the donation was also used to put a barrier around the playground equipment at the park.

Last year, the Timberville Town Council decided to commit, both financially and ideologically, to making improvements to the town’s park systems. Over the last year, we have seen improvements being made to the Plains District Memorial Park, such as the addition of park swings, new swings, and a new grills.

Park Plans can be viewed here.

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