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CK Ray
In the early hours of November 24, 2020, Timberville Officer C.K. Ray and Broadway Officer Patrick Tate were coordinating proactive criminal interdiction work. Officer Tate made a traffic stop on Brethren Road, with Officer Ray following close behind. As Officer Ray approached the scene, he heard Officer Tate's radio traffic that he had been shot. Almost immediately, Officer Ray was in visual contact and observed the suspect leaving the scene. He slowed down and looked toward Officer Tate, who waved him on. Officer Ray continued to pursue the suspect until the suspect eventually gave up on his flight on Route 11. After the vehicle drifted off the roadway, Officer Ray and the assisting RCSO Deputy carefully cleared and secured the car, holding the scene until further units arrived to assist.

During the entirety of this incident, Officer C.K. Ray remained calm and made resolute decisions. For his bravery in pursuing a suspect who had just shot another officer and his exceptional calm and control during the incident, Officer C.K. Ray is hereby awarded the Timberville Police Department Medal of Valor.

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